Monographs and Catalogues

58th Peace Art Exhibition (Exhibition Catalogue). Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Tokyo : Artist Congress For Peace, July – August 2010

Sugimoto, Yasuko. “The 2010 Spiral Exhibition”. Sugimoto Gallery Newsletter, Tokyo: Sugimoto Gallery, No. 83, June 2010,

“Klara Pokrzywko”, Data base - Archives, Shanghai Zendai Public Art Library, Shanghai: Museum of Modern Art (2008 - Present)
Klara Pokrzywko; Human: Body, Mind, Behavior, Artist Book, texts by Huon Mallalieu (GB), Simon Mundy (GB), Frédéric Wagemans (BE), Ari Aster (USA), Miriam Aranowicz (CA), Piotr Uznanski (PL), Photography by Pawel Pogorzelski (US - CA), Martin Terlecki (AU - CA), Aleks Labuda (CA) (In Progress)
Aranowicz, Miriam (PhD Art History candidate, University of Toronto). Essay, on “Klara Pokrzywko : Celebrating the Feminine”, Los Angeles – Toronto, 2010
Aster, Ari (Film Director). Essay, on “Klara Pokrzywko: Celebrating the Feminine”, Los Angeles, 2010
57th Peace Art Exhibition (Exhibition Catalogue) Tokyo: Artist Congress For Peace, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, 2009

2009 Biennale de Montreal, BNL MTL 2009 (Exhibition Brochure),, introduction by Claude Gosselin. Montreal : Montreal Biennale, 2009
56th Peace Art Exhibition, (Exhibition Catalogue), Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Tokyo: Artist Congress for Peace, 2008
Quibin, Shen (Ed. In Chief). Intrude 366 Art & Life, Intrude Magazine, Shanghai: Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art, May 2008, p. 22 and illustration on COVER
Mundy, Simon (poet).“Translated”, Poetry Wales. Dr. Zoe Skoulding (Ed). Gwynedd: Bangor University. Volume 43 no. 3, 2008
Wagemans , Frédéric (writer, poet and correspondent of the Royal Belgian Family) . Essay, “Klara Pokrzywko: Mémoires de corps”,Brussels, 2007

Pirotte, Jean-Marie (art critic, printmaker). Essay, “Klara Pokrzywko: Empreintes de corps”, Brussels, 2007

Van Rooijen, Rebecca (Ed). “Body Imprints”, The Benchpeg Newsletter, London: benchpeg. April 9/07

Mallalieu, Huon (Art historian, author and journalist for the Times and the Sunday Times). Essay, “Klara Pokrzywko’s Art”, London, 2006
Dialogue – Dialog( Exhibition Catalogue) Montreal: La Corporation Pologne – Quebec pour les arts, The Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Montreal, La Fondation Liliana Komorowska pour les arts, and Espace Creation, Gallery de LOTO – Quebec, 2006



Radio and TV

Bertrand, Jaques. Interview with Stéphane Leclair. “Le Shopdropping de l’art rebelle dans les supermarchés “, Chronique Radio, Macadame Tribus, Radio Canada, May 8, 2009, Montreal, Canada

Szara, Bozena (Producer), Klara Pokrzywko - Artist, CFMB Radio Montreal, Saturday, November 9, 2008, Montreal, Canada

Pierro Facchin, Le Pont – Pologne, CJNT Montreal Global, October 2008, Montreal, Canada

Malgosia Bajkowska, Klara Pokrzywko – Artystka, CJNT Montreal Global, 2008, Montreal, Canada

Press and Internet
Dennis, Lori. “Poliform Grand Reopening and An Introduction to Atmosphere”, Green Design & Living, WEB Magazine, Los Angeles: Lori Dennis Interior Design, Sunday, November 22nd , 2009

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“Contemporary artists from Quebec take part in For Sake or For Sale? exhibition in London “,Quebec Government Office in London, Press Room, 12 October, 2006

Sokolowska – Gwizdka, Joanna. “Informacja o interesujacej wystawie w Montrealu” (Information about an interesting exhibition in Montreal), Dodatek Kulturalny Gazety, Published by Gazeta,
Maj 2006 nr. 41

Sokolowska – Gwizdka, Joanna. “ Raj utracony, raj odzyskany”, List Oceaniczny – Dodatek Kulturalny, June 9, 2006.

Woodley, Mattew. The Evidence Collection, Art Hole, The MIRROR Montreal, September 2-8, 2004

Djogo, Martina. Evidence Collection, Le Cahier V, Le Voir, August 12 – 18, 2004

Philipson, Clair. Anatomia, The MIRROR Montreal, August 2002




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